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Express utility functions

The pillarjs GitHub organization contains a number of modules for utility functions that may be generally useful.

Utility modules Description
cookies Get and set HTTP(S) cookies that can be signed to prevent tampering, using Keygrip. Can be used with the Node.js HTTP library or as Express middleware.
csrf Contains the logic behind CSRF token creation and verification. Use this module to create custom CSRF middleware.
finalhandler Function to invoke as the final step to respond to HTTP request.
parseurl Parse a URL with caching.
path-match Thin wrapper around path-to-regexp to make extracting parameter names easier.
path-to-regexp Turn an Express-style path string such as ``/user/:name` into a regular expression.
resolve-path Resolves a relative path against a root path with validation.
router Simple middleware-style router.
routington Trie-based URL router for defining and matching URLs.
send Library for streaming files as a HTTP response, with support for partial responses (ranges), conditional-GET negotiation, and granular events.
templation View system similar to res.render() inspired by co-views and consolidate.js.

For additional low-level HTTP-related modules, see jshttp .