Technical committee

The Express technical committee meets online every two weeks (as needed) to discuss development and maintenance of Express, and other issues relevant to the Express project. Each meeting is typically announced in an expressjs/discussions issue with a link to join or view the meeting, which is open to all observers.

The meetings are recorded; for a list of the recordings, see the Express.js YouTube channel.

Members of the Express technical committee are:



Express is made of many modules

Our vibrant community has created a large variety of extensions, middleware modules and higher-level frameworks.

Additionally, the Express community maintains modules in these two GitHub orgs:

To keep up with what is going on in the whole community, check out the ExpressJS StatusBoard.


The expressjs/express chatroom is great place for developers interested in the everyday discussions related to Express.


If you’ve come across what you think is a bug, or just want to make a feature request open a ticket in the issue queue.


View dozens of Express application examples in the repository covering everything from API design and authentication to template engine integration.

Mailing List

Join over 2000 Express users or browse over 5000 discussions in the Google Group.

IRC channel

Hundreds of developers idle in #express on freenode every day. If you have questions about the framework, jump in for quick feedback.